Requesting Code Signing Certificate for VBA Project from Go Daddy

I haven't been able to find instructions to generate a CSR to request a Code Signing Certificate from Go Daddy.  I have a small Access 2013 Project which will be used by Sales personnel on their personal notebooks , which don't have access to the company domain so a self cert probably will not work.

Any help would be welcome.
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RobRingAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the update, but I understand I need to purchase a certificate from a public certificate authority.  The piece I don't understand is the process to generate the CSR when requesting the certificate from the certificate authority.
Thomas BrooksSenior IT Consultant; PartnerCommented:
First, Lets address the Self-Signed Code Signing Certificate.

The Self-Signed Code Signing Certificate is a created and signed by the same entity whose identity that it certifies. You create your own certificate for code-signing.  

But, there is a problem.

To use a Self-Signed Code Signing Certificate to sign your Access 2013 Project, you would need install the Self-Signed Code Signing Certificate on each notebook into one of the "Trusted" certificate stores.  Either the "Trusted Root", "Trusted People", or "Trusted Publisher". For consistency, I install into "Trusted People".

The problem is that you or your clients would need access to the trusted certificate stores on the workstations. This may not be possible if you or they do not have access to the Active Directory Domain.

The better solution is to purchaser a Code-Signing Certificate from a public certificate authority such as "Verisign", "digicert", or "Network Solutions". (

I ended up purchasing my code signing certificate from "StartCom".( It was cheap costing me US$59.00. It's from a public signing authority so I don't have to put it in any of the trusted locations on the workstations. I can sign MS Access projects with it and everyone is happy.

I hope this clarifies the task.
RobRingAuthor Commented:
I ended up using another the signing authority which is working.  Thanks for the information.
Wish you would have included how you actually generated the CSR.
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