why could be that 4 virtual servers have the same Machine Gui?

last weekend we rise the level of a domain, frowm Windows 2003 mixed to native, It was ok, but after rebootint the Sharepoint-SQL environment it does not work, it is having validation errors.  Later we found that all the 4 Sharepoint-SQL servers have the same Machine Guid.  As I understand, it could not be caused because the rise level... is there any chance that it could be caused because the rise level?  Why these machine have the same Gui?  (The application worked fine before the rise level and Sharepoint-SQL machines reboot).
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I think, but I am not certain, that this would occur if the machines were made from the same DVD and license or cloned from each other (again resulting in the same license). Is that what happened?
Dawid FusekVirtualization Expert, Sr B&R, Storage SpecialistCommented:

Rising MS AD domain level have nothing to changing any machine GUIDs.
So possibility that it happens during/after AD domain level rising is close to 0.

Your SQL servers most probably had same GUID's and works quite ok before Rising AD domain, and after rising something is wrong, I'm not an SQL and AD expert but all machines in AD should have different GUID's, especially DCs and every other machine that use AD directly, SQL servers may work without use of AD functions (depends on version, installation and configuration). But generally all machines should have different GUIDs and GUIDs in AD NEVER CHANGE (automatically).

So way how 4 SQL servers may get same GUIDs is probably that someone clone single VM without generating new GUIDS (aka sysprep) and add them to AD which is possible and then install SQL and ignore some warnings and your app start using SQL, then after ad level rising (which may indicate some refresh in AD and security changes) and rebooting SQL's something check new conditions and discover same GUID's on that 4 SQL servers which make problem.

So because I'm not SQL and also AD expert I will not help with solving this problem deeply what to do next, but only I may give you my advices above that inform how duplicated GUIDs may happens.

Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
My guess is that they are all cloned from the same template/VM and thus they all have the same GUID.  You need to run sysprep to change the GUID.

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