Delete files by date and character count

I have an interesting problem. I need to delete directories that are older than folder 5 days but are only numerical. We have a log folder that has log files that we need to delete but other files are also stored in here. Normally i would do PS scripts to delete all directories over x amount of days but i can delete all folders. I only need to delete folders that are fully numeric.

Wanted to see if anyone had any ideas?
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Rob StoneCommented:
Are the folder names the same character length and display?  

Regex is the way to identify it.

Here is an example script which can identify numerical folders (if there is only one block of numbers). You can change the Regex based on what you have in your file system.  

$a = gci C:\Temp |? Mode -match d
$Regex = "\d+"
Foreach ($dir in $a){
    $b=$dir.Name -match $Regex
    if ($b -eq $true){
        $c=$Matches[0] -eq $dir.Name
        if ($c -eq $true){
            $Name = $dir.Name
            Write-Host "$Name identified for deleting"

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I think Rob Stone is correct about Regex being the way to handle this.  But I think the code can be simplified a fair amount.
Get-ChildItem C:\Temp | Where { $_.PsIsContainer -and $_.Name -match "^\d+$" -and $_.LastWriteTime -gt ((Get-Date).AddDays(-5)) }

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Only confusing thing for me is that you go back and forth between talking about files and folders/directories.
nopainnogain1Author Commented:
Was able to receive answer on other forum

$root = 'T:\131\root'

Get-ChildItem -Path $root |
Where-Object {
    $ -match "^\d*$" -and
    $_.LastWriteTime -lt (Get-Date).AddMinutes(-1)
} |
Remove-Item -Recurse -Force -WhatIf

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nopainnogain1Author Commented:
This gave me a great starting point. It only deleted folders that were numeric
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