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Cisco Error 433 Remote access VPN (Reason not specified by peer)"

Hello Experts,

I am hoping you can help me I am ready to pull out my hair.

I have one user who is getting this Cisco error when he tries to log into VPN.

Here are the facts:

I have tried this on his system, my system, my iPhone.  All are the same, if I use my credentials on all devices I can connect, none of them using his credentials.

I changed the password on his account, same results on all devices.  

All other users can connect including me.

In the log file when I try to connect it records:

General Error while processing Browser Proxy Configuration.

I am at a total loss, none of the research I have done so far applies because it's only one user so I am not leaning towards configuration on the firewall, the client, or device as I have mentioned same thing on all devices.

We are connecting through a Cisco ASDM 550.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you,

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what is doing the authentication cisco or active directory? If AD make sure he is member of the security group for vpn access if one exists, if cisco verifiy the ACL's may have on based on user as it must be user acct related somehow.
double check your username / password info ie spelling spaces etc
klsphotosAuthor Commented:
all have been confirmed.  I can log into machines using his credentials but not the vpn.  All groups he is a member of the other users log in successfully.

We authenticate through AD.  It's driving me bonkers.
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klsphotosAuthor Commented:
This has been resolved.    

The passwords were not synched up which I could see from the attributes of his user account.  In addition the attribute "allow dial in" was flagged.  

I have advised him to bring all devices to sync everything up and he should be allowed connectivity after that.
klsphotosAuthor Commented:
My solution to my own problem will resolve the error.  Cisco will not accept connections if the passwords are out of sync and this particular user is due to have his laptop back in the office to sync up with the domain.
Paul SingletaryCommented:
I have the same issue with some of my users except that I can use their logins to log in from other computers, just not theirs. Some of the users have been able to connect from their computers before. Some of them have never tried. The issue is clearly client centric. They are using Cisco VPN client 5.0.07 on Windows 7 64bit. They are trying to connect to multiple sites. The ones that are getting Reason 433 are getting it when trying to connect to all of the peers that they try to connect to.
I have tried removing the client software and re-installing.
Again, clearly an issue with the client. I just can't figure out how to fix it.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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