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How to correctly setup a Managed LAN Environment with a Draytek 2860, HP 2920 L3 Switch, and Polycom IP450 handsets


I'm limited to a site with one patch link and pstn socket in each room (poorly setup to be run as separate serviced offices). One tenant has leased the entire site, however, and uses VOIP telephones which supply the PCs with their data. I would like to separate the communication as follows:
1 voice vlan with priority and qos
1 data vlan for the PCs

My knowledge of Cisco's IOS is limited, so it would be grateful to have a guru guide me with what should be a fairly simple setup.

Many thanks in advance

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Director, SD-WAN Solutions
i don't know the cisco commands but here is a high level:
phone/workstation combo ports
-setup a voice vlan make it tagged
 -setup a data vlan, make it untagged
- set the pvid (default for untagged packets, whatever cisco calls it) to data vlan
- set the phones to use voice vlan and pass through whatever

the computer doesn't need to know anything about any vlans, it just works.


Hi Aaron,

Thanks for the contribution. I understand the concept and agree with your overview. Just like you, however, its the Cisco side I would like a bit of help on.

Kind regards,

Aaron TomoskyDirector, SD-WAN Solutions

I bet if the question was something like "setup hp 2920 L3 ports for tagged voice and untagged computer" you would get some HP experts onboard.

If the HP is doing your L3, the draytek is just the internet and has nothing to do with all this.


You're absolutely right!

I'm losing this ticket and will create a better worded (less formal lol) ticket

Thanks again
Aaron TomoskyDirector, SD-WAN Solutions

high level question answered, specific HP switch commands to be addressed in separate question