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Convert text date value to date string in Crystal Reports


I am using Crystal Reports 2008 with an Excel spreadsheet as my Data Source.

I have a column in my spreadsheet which is set a General (all values in this column are stored as text).

Within Crystal reports this field has been classified as a string field.

The values in this column are displayed as YYYYMMDD (example: 20150323), I would like this field to be displayed as DD-MMM-YYYY (example: 23-Mar-2015 ) in CR.

I'm guessing this would require a formula, please provide step by step on how I can accomplish this.

Kind Regards,
1 Solution
Try this formula

Local StringVar strDate := {YourStringDateField};
Local StringVar strYear;
Local StringVar strMonth;
Local StringVar strDay;

strYear := Left(strDate,4);
strMonth := Mid(strDate,5,2);
strDay := Right(strDate,2);

strDay + '-' + MonthName(Val(strMonth), True) + '-' + strYear

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KevinAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
FWIW, you could also use a formula like this:

Date (Picture ({your field}, "xxxx/xx/xx"))

 That just inserts "/"s in your date string, and then converts that string to a date.  Then you can use any of the regular formatting options to format the date however you like.

 Of course that relies on your string always being in the YYYYMMDD format (so does mlmcc's solution, but it's not as critical there).  If the field could be blank, or the format could vary (eg. YYMMDD), you'd need to add some checks for that.

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