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OUtlook and o365 and Credential Manager

Since migrating over to O365 all 200+ mailboxes how can we stop Outlook from relying on Credential Manager?

When the mailboxes were on Prem, Outlook would simply use the credentials used to login to the domain and outlook would use the login credentials and would do the rest.

Now it seems that is not the case, it seems that if you do not store credentials in CM outlook will always prompt upon launching.

WE would like to revert back to the way things were and not have to worry about storing login information in Credential Manager as this is causing issues since users are forced to change passwords every 90 days.

Is this possible?  or is there a work around to this. MS is stating no but not explaining why its not.
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Any 3rd party Utils out there that can be used to assist in this in anyway that you know of?
No 3rd party tools will help you with that. Outlook will actually notify the users prior to password expiration, so you can instruct them to update it in cred manager as well. Or you can turn off password expiration if you prefer.
Well,  thank you for your input!