Can i have mulitple boot roms on the same tftp server?

I would like to have multiple bootroms (for different model phones) on the same tftp server.  Is this possible?
I don't see this documented any place.  The models of phones I have are:

Polycom IP 4000
Polycom IP 7000
Grandstream GXP2100
Linksys SPA 941
Linksys SPA 942
Linksys SPA 962
Linksys SPA 504

I would also like to have generic configuration files for each phone model but perhaps not each individual phone.

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    Either in the DHCP assignment to the phone based on MAC address range, or through the keypad setup you have to tell a device where to find it's TFTP files.   It does not know about directories or even the base tftp directory name.  Some call it tftp some call it tftpboot some call it phoneboot.   Your shop calls it what they want to -
It depends on what the end point is looking for in a file name, not on your server.

I often do multiple boots for different models and vendors by using folders as well as the different file names.

gdinunzioAuthor Commented:
can you give me an example of how you set up your tftp directory?
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gdinunzioAuthor Commented:
so the polycom will know to look in the polycom directory?
And to further look for a match on the model of the phone?
gdinunzioAuthor Commented:
I got the polycom bootroom updated.  It seems the bootrom (updater) is specific to the model so it has to be the right one.  Same goes with the SIP application.

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