Spam filtering weak in Exchange Office 365

we are transitioning from Gmail to Outlook 365.  ONe thing i see is that OUtlook 365 is much worse at filtering spam.  Ih ave already set it to level 1 in content Filter, spam messages (this is the strictest spam and bulk mail filtering).  It didn't help much. What else can I do to cut down the types of spam?
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Did you case with office 365 support team. That's what I will do first. Ask them what is required to control spam.
Neadom TuckerCommented:
So I am going to guess you have reviewed all of the information here:

You can also purchase an additional layer of protection "Microsoft Online Protection" $1/user/month.  Here is a good blog post on this:

We have done a good amount of end user training on how to submit spam.  It is a process!
maharlikaAuthor Commented:
Used the "clutter" folder to reduce some of the spam, then we finally shifted our mx record to the microsoft address, it cleared up a lot of this
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