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We need to develop a web system to register new users in a website, the website system is going to be in php or Ruby on Rails, the thing is that along with the personal data, we need to also have the fingerprint

We are going to have several kioskos and stands where our staff with a computer connected to the internet first it scan the new user fingerprint to see if is already register, and if is not register then we start the process to register him with his personal data photo and fingerprint

What we dont know is what kind of hardware and software we can use for the biometric fingerprint so the software can syncronyze with the fingerprint stored in the webserver to verify if his record exist, as well as if not exist register it.

Does anyone can recommend me a hardware and software to help me build this solution?

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The problem is going to be passing the 'code' generated by the fingerprint reader to your web server. To do this you will likely have to write a custom driver to run on the kiosk and take the input from the fingerprint reader and upload it to your server to process and then send back an authenticated url for the browser session. The other option, if the hardware supports it, is to possibly do the fingerprint verification on the kiosk itself and then sign the user in via a regular username/password stored in the fingerprint reader. This may be difficult as many readers will only store up to 10 or so users and also the scan would not work on a different kiosk. The standards for remote biometric auth are being worked out and soon there will be easier and much more secure solutions to this problem.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
How do you intend to convince people to register in a website that requires fingerprint validation to actually purchase the hardware/software in order to connect to this new site?
WebserviceMXAuthor Commented:
The system is not for purchase hardware and software is a system to register to a service where we are going to have staff that are going to use the system to register the new users
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