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What is this? Virus, hustle, .52g2vi

I got this web page and an alarmed voice warning me about infections and pop-ups the didn't stop until I clicked the "stop popup" box.  It was hyper and crazy and made my wonder why anyone would call that number.  I also wondered if I'd just been burned, somehow.  I searched the phone number and nothing came up.  This 52g2i URL is weird also.

Anyone getting this?
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It sounds like a ransomware virus (cryptowall or similar), which encrypts all the data it finds on the PC and network connections, and when finished a note pops up giving you instructions on how to pay the ransom and get a key you can use to decrypt your data.

Whatever you do, don't pay the ransom. After shutting down the infected PC you should inform the law enforcement authorities of your location, maybe they need to check the PC for clues on how to get the crooks caught. After that clean off the virus (I regard a re-install of the OS to be the best option), then restore your data from your backups. The files that have been encrypted can't be decrypted without the valid key and are lost.

Make sure a good AV tool is installed, users never logon to the PC with an Account that has admin rights, the PC is fully patched, don't use drive-letters to map to network shares, make regular backups and remove the backup disks from the PC when they are done so they can't also get compromised, and teach the users on how to browse and email with as little risk as possible.
mikecox_Author Commented:
That's what I thought.  I had Geeksquad run the usual utilities to clean it up. They didn't think I was infected, especially since I ran a restore point.

This came up on my LT and my DT; LT is a little squirrel, when it tends to do anyway, but the DT is running fine.
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