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Exchange 2010 Export feature missing?

I am running SBS2011 with exchange 2010 SP1 or 14.01.0218.013

So I found this website
which list steps on how to use the exchange management console GUI to export email from 1 mailbox to another. I have followed these steps and I can export PST files, but I do not see the GUI export from the exchange management console (I'm on the server itself). I have closed and reopened the EMC too. I have uploaded a screen shot of the results i get when i right click no the user.
Is this only available if you install the exchange management tools on a different PC?
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Yeah, thats what i had been using. I was trying to figure out a way to straight export email from 1 mailbox into another. You wouldnt happen to know would you?
It doesn't exist.
The only way is to export from mailbox 1 and then import to mailbox 2.