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SMTP - does this mean I use their IPs?

some beginner questions on SMTP

Say I sign up for an email service Mailjet and get dedicated IP and SMTP...

then i send emails from my outlook using their SMTP

Does this at all send data through

1) My other email service that I use in outlook (exchange account with rackspce)

2) My IP address at Godaddy
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Systems Engineer (Acting IT Manager)
When you configure your outlook client to send emails via mailjet you are sending your emails via their SMTP servers/IP's

You mentioned exchange, do you want to send out your exchange emails via mailjet? If you configure your exchange to route email via mailjet smart host you will also be sending out emails via their server/IP's



thanks, ok cool, dumb question but thats what i thought smtp meant.

no i dont want exchange to see the mailjet emails at all