Dell 3130cn laser printer, red now orange

My 5 year old Dell 3030cn laser printer is finally giving me trouble. Have never had any problems with it until now.
Red is now printing in orange. I can't find any kind of cleaning routine that I used to have on the previous Epson inkjet. Any ideas?
I have ordered a new toner even though it's not really low enough yet, just in case.
Martin CampbellAsked:
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I'll assume you are talking about the 3130, as per the title of your question.

Which colour toner did you order?

If red is printing orange then the problem is with magenta (the dark pink toner). Hence the problem may be the magenta toner cartridge, but there are other possibilities.

I would start by printing the printer's print quality test pages, especially the 'graduation test page". For the 3130, do this (see )

Switch off the printer. On the control panel press and hold the Up and Down arrow keys. With the keys still held, switch the printer on. Release the keys when Diagnosing is displayed on the screen.
When Customer Mode is displayed on the screen press the Down arrow until Test Print is visible on the bottom line of the display. Press Tick/Select to select.
Press the Down arrow until Gradation is visible. Press Tick/Select, the display shows Ready. Press Tick/Select again, the gradation test page prints.
Switch the printer off and back on to return to the normal operating mode

If the magenta looks OK on that page, then the problem is not in the printer, but in the driver. Go to Printer Properties on the PC (I hope it's a PC, and not a Mac...), click Printing Defaults and go through the settings. If there is a button to reset the driver settings to default, click that.

If the magenta on the test page is too light then the most likely culprit is the magenta cartridge, especially since the cartridge has the drum built-in. All other parts are common to all 4 colours, and hence should affect all printed colours. If the cartridge does not fix it, then the printer would need service, which may be too costly for a 5 year old printer.
Martin CampbellAuthor Commented:
Hi hdhondt,
I ran the contamination and gradation tests. Results showed no problems so I ran yesterday's test page again and this time it looks perfect. So was there a problem in the first place of not. See attached Dell-3130cn-test-pages.pdf
These pages certainly look fine to me...

And, hanks for the points
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