How to shrink one volume to extend another?

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Hello Experts,

I would like to shrink my main primary boot partition containing Win 8.1 (C:), so I can extend my Win 10 preview partition (E:) which is adjacent and to the right of C: (Please see attached screen capture of my disc configuration). I need to do this because I failed to create enough space for the Win 10 installation and I'm running low on usable disk space.  

Is this doable using the Win disk manager or do I need a 3rd party tool?


My current disc configuration
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you need 3rd party tools. Windows can only extend partitions at the end not in the front.

gpared is free and works well, it also offers a bootCD so its easy to use.

As always when doing this kind of things. Have a working backup ready if something goes wrong.
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i use Bootit-BM for tasks like this (free for this) :       
download and make the boot cd - boot from it
do NOT install it on disk -hit cancel
select partition work - and your disk
now select RESIZE and put in the disk size wanted
since the free space comes between both drives you want to expand/shrink, you should be able to extend now, by selectingthe E: drive, and click RESIZE
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You can easily shrink C: with the built-in Windows boot manager; but you can't "slide" the E: partition to the left so it can be extended without using a 3rd party tool.

I'm also a bit fan of Boot-It BM, but it will NOT work for this without a bit of change to the system, as it can't boot on a UEFI system.   If you disable Secure Boot and boot in legacy mode it will work ... and I suspect the same thing is needed to use GParted (which is clearly what andreas meant to suggest).

Note also that the process nobus suggested will NOT work => after you've resized C: you will have to SLIDE the E: partition before you can extend it.
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Don't bother using 3rd parties. Make an image backup of e:, shrink c:, replay e: - done.


Thanks for the 3rd party tool suggestions. I ended going with the free version of Paragon v 15 and it worked perfectly.

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