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chkdsk on sercer 03 dynamic raid 5

Can i run chkdsk on thus type of raid 5 array?

When it asks if it's  ok to dismount the volume, will it automatically remount it when finished?
And finally:
If i have to replace a dusk in a set like this and the disk also houses the boot disk, is it a simple  plug and play?

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Only other question:

With an array set controlled by the OS: is replacing a disk as easy as with a Hardware array?

And if the disk is disk 0, which should be the boot disk of the mirror; are there any tricks to this?

I'm not sure if 2003 works the same as 2008. But with 2008, if the RAID was setup properly in the first place, you remove the failing disk, add a new one (with the server off of course), make sure the remaining good disk is set to be first in the BIOS's boot priority (in some BIOS you may have to move it to the connection the failed disk used, provided that was the one the system booted from), bootup the OS and in diskmanagement add the new disk to the array. Sometimes if the server doesn't boot, it may be necessary to use a utility to mark the disk as active.

Of course it is needless to say that you should also check that the backups are good before commencing, or take an extra backup just to be on the safe side.