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Office 365 Mess

LockDown32 asked
Wow! Leave it to Microsoft! I am a Partner. I orders 9 Office 365 Business Essential via Tech Data. Got the license today, or at least thought I did. I set the customer up with a Volume License login and can see the license but when I click on "manage activations" it takes be back to the volume license login page with an "unknown" error. Leave it to Microsoft to make a simple chore take hours!

Anyway.. does anyone know a phone number for Microsoft Volume Licensing / Office 365 support so I can get the license activated? All my emails in Office 365 say there aren't licensed and I can't find anywhere on that page to enter a License ID. Only to re-purchase and I'm sure as hell not buying another subscription :)
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Here is a US Support number. Does this help  (866) 230-0560

Mark GalvinPrincipal Consultant
Hang on

What did you buy? Volume Licensing and Office 365 are two completely different items. I have been setting up client on various Office 365 tenants since March 2012 and the process couldn't be simpler.

If you have purchased through a 3rd party reseller then, thats where the fault may lay.

So, what exactly have you bought and from where?

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Volume Licensing and Office 365 aren't two unrelated entities. I purchased Office 365 Business Essentials via the Open License program. You are then supposed to be able to log in to the Volume License web site and retrieve the Product Key for the licenses and in-turn use that Product Key on the Office 365 site to add licenses.

   For some reason (and it was Microsoft not my reseller) I wound up with two Volume License accounts and had to select the second one to get the product key. Should have been simpler :)
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@LockDown32  - Thanks for the update and I was happy to help.