TIDTCPCMDServer multi broadcast lists

Using Indy 10

Looking for a faster way to support multiple broadcast lists for multiple chats on same TcpCmdServer component

For example, if client #1 is in 3 chats, it will be in 3 lists, etc..

at this time, i'm using a very time consuming loop to search for a match of the peerIP within a specific string.

  ContextsList := svr.Contexts.LockList;
  with ContextsList do
    for i := 0 to svr.Contexts.Count-1  do
      cx := ContextsList[i];
      if pos(cx.peerIp, sBroadcastList)>0 then

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controlrAuthor Commented:
as it stands, the current implementation is the fastest.
thanks for the effort.  partial points awarded
Sinisa VukCommented:
Maybe you can use TList where you can store unique client id (maybe if you transfer ip address from string
to integer v1.v2.v3.v4 --> v1*16777216+v2*65536+v3*256+v4) - searching integer is faster than string.
controlrAuthor Commented:
that will be actually slower, as the user ID is already sorted and IP's are a secondary field..

Would TIDTCPCMDServer  be able to handle a paralleled  loop workload on  the connections?  or will it cause issues?
controlrAuthor Commented:
partial points for efforts, solution is not faster than current implementation
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