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is there a way to make a dynamic text event on wix.com

bbimis asked
i'm making a website on wix.com and would like to dynamically take and change some text in a box to reflect the date.
I was hoping to make like a months calendar and if the date is within that range take and display the data.
for example:
<script type="javascript">
var triggerDate=new Date()
var today = new Date()
if (today=>triggerDate)
document.write('The text from your inserted paragraph goes here')

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anyone know of a way to do it on there?
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I think you might be best off checking the marketplae for a widget that is already made for this http://www.wix.com/app-market/all.  A google calendar perhaps https://www.wix.com/support/html5/wix-app-market/apps-made-by-wix/faq/can-i-add-a-calendar-1 Otherwise, making your own might mean digging into the api http://dev.wix.com/docs/.

What you could do with javacript perhaps is take a series of dates that are in li or div tags and perhaps build something out.


not what i was looking for but pointed me in the right direction. thanks!