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Updating Group logins on SharePoint 2013 using Active Directory Sync


I am using on-premises SharePoint 2013. We are currently using Active Directory Profile Sync. We are using security groups in AD to manage our security in SharePoint 2013. I am trying to rename a group in AD and found that this does not rename a group in SharePoint 2013. I would rather rename the group rather than having to change over 100 entries across SharePoint.

I attempted using the command stsadm -o migrategroup -oldlogin DOMAIN\Username -newlogin DOMAIN\Username

It reports Completed Successfully, but alas! no change.

What am I missing?
Microsoft SharePointActive DirectoryWindows Server 2012

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Walter Curtis

8/22/2022 - Mon
Walter Curtis

An AD group is just a member of a specific SharePoint group. The AD security group and the SharePoint group can have different names. There are no links between the groups, so if one name changes the other one does not automatically change. You can manually change either group name as you see fit.

A little deeper, the SharePoint group name is actually a description field. SharePoint uses a group ID for internal processes. As far as the stsadm command, unless I misunderstand your questions, is not necessary.

Hope that helps

Thank you for your comments.
let me clarify. I have a Group for example called DOMAIN\Group1 (group1@email.com)
I want to change it to DOMAIN\Group2
I rename the Group in AD, by right clicking the name and selecting rename
So I change to DOMAIN\Group2 (group2@email.com).

But When I return to SharePoint, I find that nothing has changed at all. meaning if I open the user group Group1 it still has all group1 details assigned to it. When I go in to SharePoint and attempt to edit the record, I can only change the display name.

If I use the Central admin profile editor (grasping at straws) and I cant find either group.

Does that clarify it for you ?
Walter Curtis

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