How to send email via SMTP in Linux script?

Hello All Expert-Exchange,

Now I have a Linux posfix/dovecot mail server and I set up a script to send daily report via email with sendmail but after a few week it fail in to spam:
pflogsumm /var/log/maillog | formail -c -I"Subject: Mail Daily Report" -I"From: Example Mail <>" -I"To:" -I"Received: from Postmaster" | sendmail

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and now I want this script to send mail via SMTP but I cannot find how.
Can you give any suggestion?
Sida SayInfrastructure EngineerAsked:
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Hello WorldCommented:

You can use Send-MailMessage script in powershell to send message.
In addition, I find a useful function script to send message, for your reference:
Note: this command is used for Windows OS, instead for Linux.
This sends a SMTP mail in Linux from command line or in a Linux bash-script:
mail -s "subject here" <<< "message"

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If your mail are classified as spam, the reason is not the sending command, but the receiving end of your mail delivery chain. Check your spam settings.
Jan SpringerCommented:
this is what i use:



cat $report | mailx -s "Put your subject here"

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