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what are the steps for getting an RCA 32 inch tv to work with AT&T U-verse setup?

GMartin asked
Hello and Good Evening Everyone

           Yes, I am needing step by step instructions for getting an RCA 32 inch flat screen tv to be properly configured to work with an AT&T Uverse setup.  The equipment is already here with respect to an AT&T Receiver, a Wireless Box, an AT&T Uverse DVD recorder with hard drive, and a power backup box.  It is my understanding the television can either interface with the receiver wirelessly or with an HDMI connector.  However, I could be wrong on these assumptions.

             Any link or multimedia tutorial such as a YouTube link which easily demonstrates the proper setup and configuration will be greatly appreciated.

             Thank you

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Hello George...
Is your TV receiver wireless?



           Yes, I believe so because I do not see any kind of physical connection such as RCA jacks or HDMI connection with the television in the living room which is working fine.  The one I wish to get working is the new one for the bedroom which will be purchased tonight.

             Thank you

Take a look at this video. You asked for a video if found. It shows RCA jacks on the TV and the receiver.




Hello and Good Afternoon Nick

       Thank you so much for this excellent video.  It certainly made this project easy and even fun.  I am very happy to say the television is working perfectly fine with the AT&T wireless television receiver.  The only hookup consisted of a 25ft HDMI chord which interfaced the AT&T wireless television receiver and the television.  Everything else mentioned in the video such as the AT&T Gateway and wireless network and internet connectivity were already setup and running.  

        Thanks so much once again for this great video. It certainly was easy to follow all of the steps necessary to have the television working properly with the AT&T equipment.

I'm glad you got it running properly.