Folder redirection and issue (language)


We have a GPO with Folder redirection.


Downloads -> \\mysrv\homedrives\%username%\Downloads
Favorites -> \\mysrv\homedrives\%username%\Favorites
Documents-> \\mysrv\homedrives\%username%\Documents

When our users logon to a Danish computer the see:

H:\Overførsler (download in danish)
H:\Favoriter (favorites in danish)
H:\Documents (in english)

Why does "documents" not get translated into danish? (junction)

Thanks in advance

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Check within each folder mention above, there should be a file called desktop.ini (Hidden system file). Usually, when folder redirection applies, desktop.ini within each folder is customised with the name of the folder. You will usually see the below section:

Owner=User's Name
PersonalizedName=My Documents

This affects what name the folder appears to have in windows explorer, regardless of the folder's actual name. I'm not 100% on this but it's possible that depending on region, these strings are replaced with localised versions. It may just be that your user's docs folders are missing the above section in their documents folder desktop.ini and explorer is therefore just showing the actual folder name.
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