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Will users and shares need to be updated/recreated after renaming my domain in Windows Server 2012?

We are planning to rename our Windows Server 2012 domain from "12345.local" to "ABCDE.local"

From what I see, the way to proceed is using the RENDOM utility.  I see that after the new domain is created and server is restarted, I can run the following commands to fix the group policies:

gpfixup /olddns:12345.local /newdns:ABCDE.local
gpfixup /oldnb:12345-dc /newnb:ABCDE
rendom /clean
rendom /end

But I am unsure there are any commands to reassign users and shared drives to the new domain?  I want to ensure a clean move from one domain to the other and want to take any and all precautions so that we don't have any crashes or loss of data in the process.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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First af all.....if you want to be 100% sure......you have to test your task in a lab environment....this is the BEST best practice! :-)

If you have a physical environment (not already virtualized) I suggest to backup your server with you favorite backup tool and put it in a VMware workstation environment to test properly all you need in a non-production environment.....
You may backup the server and a physical client and perform all tasks to recreate damages and turn back whenever you like.....

I've performed your task in the past.....this is a very good starting point article about impacts of renaming a domain....remember that Microsoft isn't pretty happy when you are talking about domain renaming but if you have to.....you have to! So I would suggest you to be 100% sure that you can go back if any "real damages" shows up.....
Testing in a lab will tell you how big you maintenance window has to be in order also to come back to the previous state!


This Tech-net article inspired me in the past (related to Win 2008 R2 but it's pretty the same):


This article instead is about your 2012 R2 box:


Once your domain is renamed....file shares permissions should not be an issue.....

Let me know your thoughts
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Thanks Allesandro.  I will post again if I run into obstacles along the way.  I had read the mizitech post prior to posting on here. I found the varonis link very insightful as well as your advice about running this through VM to verify "it works" prior to doing the physical change.

I had planned on keeping a full backup available to restore to in case of any issues, but running a lab environment first is a good idea.