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Our users have just switched from Hungarian Excel to English Excel and now they experience problems with some Excel sheets where the formula is written in Hungarian. All the cells with formulas says #NAME!.

If I change the formula to English, everything works fine. But I thought that Excel did this automatically? And is there an easy way to change the formulas to English without changing every cellformula?
Sum WumAsked:
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There are no shortcuts, you will have to manually change the formulas or use vba.
Frank WhiteCommented:
The most common case I've encountered where this happen is when users copy-pasted formulas as text (e.g. from an email correspondence) into cells of a workbook in a different language.

If a Hungarian formula is saved in a workbook with a Hungarian-locale Excel, and then the Excel file sent to a computer with an English locale version (or the locale is changed), opening the file there should convert the formulas into the English format.
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