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F5 LACP Trunk to Cisco Nexus 5020

Has anyone had issues with a LACP trunk to a Cisco Nexus 5K not coming up? I have the F5 trunk set up properly(passive,Long, auto, source/destination mac address) and all settings havebeen confirmed and reconfirmed on the the Nexus switch. The cisco snexus switch shows the interface going up and then down. Same on the F5 with LACP Actor out of sync and Partner out of Sync errors.
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Could you please post your configuration from Cisco side?

Best Regards.

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Is this a single 5K switch or vPC?

Please post the output of "show port-chan summ" from the 5K.
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Load Balancer 1 has a connection to both Nexus A and B
Load Balancer 2 has a connection to both Nexus A and B
Load balancers are configured for a primary / Stanby configuration.

Should the links that will form a LACP to each Nexus be in its own vPC?

Could you please post Channel-Port and Channel-Group config.


I'm guessing this is a vPC configuration problem.   But without the requested configuration, it's impossible to say for certain.
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Thanks everyone, your comments did aid me. It's a bit busy where I'm at and am not allowed to post these configs. But contrary to the moderator they did help.
I think the issue South has is when people do a search and find this question, the answer doesn't really "answer" anything.

If you were to accept one of these answers and you posted the solution and how it helped you find it, then it could be worth keeping.  Otherwise the thread should be deleted so as not to pollute the search results.
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