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I have attached a spreadsheet where I have a bubble in graph 1.

(1) I want the number -14 to format as a % I.E. -14%
(2) If the number is negative I want the bubble to fill as red if its negative and green if its positive (both with white bold text)
(3) is there a way from preventing the numbers from slipping over the bars (as in 14,950)

Im trying to make this report as automated as possible!

Many thanks
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Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
1)  Change the formula in cell K2 to
=ROUND(J9*100,0)&" %"
Also, change the internal margin of the text box to keep it from wrapping:
text box margin
2)  You'll need VBA automation to make this happen, using a Worksheet_Change event most-likely.

3)  You can manually move the labels higher, but i suspect you'll want automation here also to test the previous year value and ensure that the label clears it as well.

Seamus2626Author Commented:
(1) Is resolved, thanks!

(2) im going to post this a separate q, and I can do this on the pivot refresh event

(3) is unnecessary

Thanks Glenn!
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