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A security group has full mailbox access on a shared mailbox. Now the shared mailbox is not accessible by the members of security group.

Exchange server 2010 SP3(rollup5)

Please help me if any other setting needs to be changed.
Manish KumarSr. Technical ConsultantAsked:
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On OWA, verify the members can access shared mailbox by using URL.

On Outlook, by default, when members launch Outlook, the shared mailbox automatically open. Verify if they can expend the shared mailbox folder
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Did this ever work? Typically when you are adding users to groups the group membership does not apply automatically. So waiting for replication should allow these users to connect to the mailbox. Also what you can do it logout and log back in for force this update for the individual user.

Also a good test is to use Outlook in Online mode and then from there, try to attach the mailbox to this account. If you are using cached mode this could be an issue with the OST file not updating properly.

You can also test this from OWA as well, trying to open the shared mailbox.

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