linking oval shapes from Excel to PPT


Is there a way to link oval shapes from excel to PPT

Presently when I copy the oval shape from excel im not given the option to paste a linked object when I try to paste it into powerpoint

Is it possible to link a shape from excel into PPT?

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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
The Oval is superimposed over the graph so won't be included as part of the graph when copied and pasted.

The camera method would only work there if you copy the whole of the graph area to the camera image. This will then include the Oval. But doing that you might as well link the sheet rather than just the graph. Copy the cell area over which the graph is sitting and paste that as a link, hopefully the Oval will also copy.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
What benefit do you want to get by having it linked?

An oval is just a shape. There are obviously properties behind it that affect size, colour etc but nothing that is "linkable".

Are you expecting the shape in PPT to change if the shape in Excel changes?

Slightly tortuous route that you might be able to use:

In Excel make use of the Camera Tool to create an image of the Oval in question and position the resulting image on a blank sheet with gridlines switched off. Then link that area of the sheet to the PPT file.
Seamus2626Author Commented:
Basically I have a report in Powerpoint -

I create the graphs and tables and charts in excel, then I copy them, and paste as a linked object in ppt

This means, I refresh my pivots in excel and all my tables/graphs refresh. I update my links in powepoint and boom my report is ready to go.

The oval shapes in excel that I have wont copy over as a link - so it means I have to manually move over the oval shapes.

let me try the camera method

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