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PHP Doctrine Query Help

flynny asked
I want to convert the following sql statment to a doctrine query can an yone help?

i have the following mysql statement returning the code i need

SELECT p.user_id, p.main_photo, p.sex, v.visitor_id, v.date, u.username
joomla_lovefactory_profiles p
LEFT JOIN joomla_lovefactory_profile_visitors v ON p.user_id = v.visitor_id
LEFT JOIN joomla_users u ON v.visitor_id = u.id
WHERE v.user_id =231

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    $query = $dbo->getQuery(true)
        ->select('p.user_id, p.main_photo, p.sex','v.visitor_id v.date', 'u.username')
        ->from('#__lovefactory_profiles p, #__lovefactory_profile_visitors v, #__users u')
        ->leftJoin('p.user_id ON v.visitor_id')
	->leftJoin('v.visitor_id ON u.id')
        ->where('p.user_id = :user')
        ->setParameter('user', $user->id);

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is returning no results?
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line 2 contains this

                 'v.visitor_id v.date'

that should read

                                    ^^^                   look here