Would archiving an audio CD into an ISO keep a hidden audio track intact?

There's this hidden track on audio CD I have, but my CD drive is not HTOA compatible. So I believe it cannot find or rip any hidden tracks on my CD, even though I have seen track listings of a few CDs I have which state a hidden track. However I need to rip all my CDs onto my cloud as I'll soon be moving to another country and need to travel light. So would archiving an audio CD into an ISO with MagicISO or a familiar software keep the hidden audio track intact so I can mount the ISO and rip the hidden track later when I have a HTOA compatible CD drive? Thanks for any help!
Ben GoughWebmaster at EpicHosts.co.ukAsked:
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As far as I know you can't create iso files from audio CD's, as they use a different format from data CD's or DVD's. Iso's are for Data.
Ben GoughWebmaster at EpicHosts.co.ukAuthor Commented:
Hi rindi, thanks for that. Can you recommend me a method of creating some sort of file that will keep the CD data which I can use to either burn back onto a CD or mount for ripping later? Many thanks
Why don't you just rip them now?
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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Try IsoBuster http://www.isobuster.com/ and see if can see and access your hidden tracks.

Free to try.

Some forums report success with it.
Ben GoughWebmaster at EpicHosts.co.ukAuthor Commented:
@rindi Because my CD drive cannot access hidden tracks (it does not support HTOA).

@dbrunton I will try that now and update this thread accordingly. Thanks!
Do you only have one PC and one drive? Just get another drive.
Ben GoughWebmaster at EpicHosts.co.ukAuthor Commented:
I don't really like your responses, rindi. You can't just tell someone to 'just get another drive'. Please stop responding unless you actually have something useful to write or actually understand my situation clearly in-hand.
But if you want that functionality you will still need another drive, and drives aren't expensive.
Ben GoughWebmaster at EpicHosts.co.ukAuthor Commented:
Then clearly you didn't read my original post fully, which states that I'm moving out of the country at some point and want to travel light.
What does replacing the optical drive in a PC do to increase the weight when you travel? Besides, once you have ripped the CD's you don't even have to take the drive along with you, you could take it out from the PC then and it would even be lighter than it is now.
Ben GoughWebmaster at EpicHosts.co.ukAuthor Commented:
Who says I was taking the PC with me at all? I could be selling or donating it for all you know.

Obviously my intentions were to rip the CDs and leave the drive where I am currently, as you said. But you don't exactly know how much time I have until I have to leave - can't automatically assume things. Even though I am grateful for the suggestions you have given, I still don't see why you must automatically assume or put on a 'just do this' attitude.

This is completely irrelevant in any case and I do not wish to continue this argument, please stop responding unless you have something helpful to give now. Thank you.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
"... So would archiving an audio CD into an ISO with MagicISO or a familiar software keep the hidden audio track intact ..."  ==>  No, you can't archive it to an ISO, as the multiple tracks won't be correctly written in ISO format.

HOWEVER, you CAN archive it into UIF format using MagicISO and it will rip the entire disc.   I do NOT know if that includes any hidden track 1 data, however.   I'd think it does, as it's a complete image, but it's possible the image starts after the hidden track.

You could also use EAC and do a full image copy with cue sheets for each of the discs.

But either of these imaging methods may not save any hidden track 1 data, depending on which index mark the image starts at.    Hard to say with any certainty.

Clearly you can image your CDs well enough to listen to, but if you want to be sure you can save the HTOA tracks, there's not much choice about either (a) just keeping the CD's that have HTOA tracks; or (b) doing what rindi suggested and getting an HTOA compliant drive.    According to several ripping sites I looked at, this LG drive works well at extracting the HTOA info:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827136261

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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
One test you could do r.e. creating a UIF file with your current drive ....

(a)  Create a UIF image of the disc with MagicISO
(b)  Mount the image in MagicDisc
(c)  See if EAC can then extract the HTOA from the virtual disc

If not, you'll either need to either keep the CD or get an HTOA compatible drive if you don't want to lose that track.
Ben GoughWebmaster at EpicHosts.co.ukAuthor Commented:
Thanks garycase, I will definitely look into creating a UIF file with the audio CD, and if that doesn't work I'll look into buying the external DVD-RW you have shown from a retailer as I only have 2 days until I'm moving, I was hoping I wouldn't have to buy another drive as that'll be another thing I have to bring with me and somehow sell, or keep it with my family in this country. In any event thanks for your help! Solutions set and points given.
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