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Running exe files on IIS on Windows 2012

When I open my website eg.
The the server sends the file myprogram.exe for downloading instead of running it on the webserver.
I have been running those programs on 2003 server but I don´t know for sure how to do it on 2012
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Mark Bullock
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You can try either of these methods in the HTML file I attached as an example. I tested them in IE 11.

1. Use the file protocol instead of http. In IE11 I get a prompt to run or save.

2. I saw a solution on Microsoft's support site to use an IFRAME with a list of programs in the directory you want. Double-click on the .exe file you want to run.
My example assumes you have a program called putty.exe in \Program Files. You would probably change the path to a shared fileserver.
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I think you are misunderstanding me.
The server is supposed to run myprogram.exe and send me the results to my webbrowser, just like running .php, where I also have problem. I have no problem running .html files.
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This is solved.  Enabled CGI-Exe in Handler Mappings.