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Backup Script

I would like to create a backup of a folder(and its sub-folders) to a rar file

The rar file should be the same name as the one earlier. so it means that we need to re-fresh the files and add new files.
The rar file when done should be moved to a specific location.

Thank you
Pierre Ammoun
Pierre Ammoun
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1 Solution
- Adjust RarFile, TgtDir and LogFile to your needs
@echo off
set RarFile=C:\test\test2.rar
set TgtDir=C:\MoveToThisFolder
set LogFile=%temp%\RarBackup.log
if not exist "%TgtDir%\" (
  echo Missing target folder >>"%LogFile%"
  echo Missing target folder & goto :eof
  ) else (
  rar u -r "%RarFile%" *
  move /y "%RarFile%" "%TgtDir%"
  echo Moved "%RarFile%" to "%TgtDir%" >>"%LogFile%"

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Pierre AmmounAuthor Commented:
NewVillageIT Thanks for the script.

2 small notes:

1- the parameters u updates files in the archive. Does it mean that if new files are created the are also added to the archive ? I am confused about the parameter f (freshen files )
2-How can I create recovery volumes so that I am certain that the files will be extracted ?

3- How can I change the compression level ?

4-I need the logfile (so that I can make sure that the command executed to be store on a separate folder (dropbox folder)

Thanks a lot !
Hi pa66...

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