Is Python different to Java?

Is there a big difference in between Python and Java as general languages go? if I was to be good at Python would I have a good chance at learning Java because of the previous programming knowledge in Python? are the general functions and procedures of the 2 languages the same? different? totally different?
Alan RodgersAsked:
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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
Without writing an essay:

Python and Java are different.  Big - what is big?

If you are good at one language then you should be able to learn another language without too many problems.  (Someone that can't think logically or write code isn't going to be good at programming no matter which language they use).

Some things will be the same, some things will be different.  There are only so many ways you can do some actions, how you actually implement it however is something else.

You might want to look at for more details about both languages for example
To add... Python is easier to start with than Java. However, you may not feel it so if you know Java well.

A programming language has some syntax, built-in abstractions, constructs.

Python is better than Java for simple task. However, Python is capable also for writing complex program.

There is a different approach to typing (static declaration of types vs. dynamic) in Java and in Python.

Python is a hybrid language. You can define also plain functions in Python (unlike in Java).
No there is no "big" difference because both are Imperative languages. A Functional language (say F#, Haskel) versus an imperative would be a big difference - conceptually. If you are familiar with a language like java, c#, VB, C, C++, JavaScript, any objected oriented, any structured language - python is going to be just different syntax, typing system, scope rules etc.

Python has classes, methods, inheritance (in fact multiple inheritance), even abstract methods. Probably the biggest (and might I add most frustrating difference) is the strict indentation rules of python versus a flexible/free-flowing structure of Java.

Also note that even though all languages have much common, like being able to do the same function with different syntax, however, almost every language has a culture and philosophy. So for example, there is a way to write code in Python and then there is a "Pythonic" way of writing the same code; same goes for Java. If you hoping over from one language to another, getting started would be fairly easy, but it would take time to embrace the culture and thinking-style.
You may read this short comparison of Python against the "rest of the World":
This comparison is also good:

Both Python and Java has strong community and you may find many forums and tons of source code (which is hard to understand from beginning).

And I agree to others: If you able to learn Python then you should be able to learn Java and other similar stuff... But e.g. Prolog is rather different (and used for rather different tasks).

Neither Python nor Java has native GUI as a part of the language (like VB or FoxPro etc.) but you have to select from several options, e.g.
Of course, HTML is generated as the output very often in both Python and Java.

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Alan RodgersAuthor Commented:
good ty.
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