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How to turn off product category image display in WooCommerce (image provided)

image-function.pngMy team doesn't like how this image shows up when listing out the products in a product category listing.

Is there a switch in Woo Commerce in Wordpress to turn this thing off?

Or I need to go into the code to somehow take it out?

What I checked:

I checked both WooCommerce and Products section on the admin menu, and I can't find the place where that setting would be. I would imagine it being under WooCommerce > Settings > General or Products. Nope!

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It looks like that's a coding issue. The problem with customizing the code is that an update will probably wipe out your customizations.

The only options for categories to display/not display are those in the WooCommerce settings>Catalog. Outside of that, you would have to have some customization work done to the plugin to change how it displays categories and sub categories


This looks like the only way then. Thank you for your help Randy!