Can a user on a 2008 AD connect to SBS 2008 file and exchange server?

I am going to eliminate a SBS 2008 domain in the next two months and put everyone on the company Windows 2008 AD domain.

Two of the pcs need formatted now due to many windows errors. If I buy a new pc, put it on the new domain will the still have access to those servers in the other domain?

I would think I could setup outlook to connect to the other server using http over rpc. I would think accessing the file server should work since they will be on the same subnet and have a logon to it.

I have very little experience with SBS server
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Yes. No reason one machine cannot talk to another on a different domain; the user will have to re-authenticate with credentials for the other domain when attempting to access the SBS file server, and Exchange. (Note that the Outlook Anywhere functionality is termed "RPC over HTTPS", not vice-versa).

DO NOT attempt to set up a trust between the SBS domain/forest and the standard 2008 AD domain/forest to alleviate this burden and have credentials trusted. This is not supported by the license agreement of an SBS SKU, and your attempts to do so will be rigorously counteracted by the SBS server.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Yes it will work.
However you will need to setup DNS records for the SBS server in your DNS on the other domain. If defaults that will be and what you have done for Autodiscover.

The user will have to authenticate each time Outlook starts too.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Better question - WHY are you rebuilding the domain.  This would be MUCH simpler, almost certainly, if you migrated the SBS domain to a non-SBS domain.
wwtcoadminAuthor Commented:
thanks and I am dumping the other domain by start of summer
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