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Changing typeface in Crystal Reports

I have a report that uses two typefaces that are not in the typeface list in Crystal Reports 2013. I want to add a couple of words to one of the reports, but it keeps changing to Arial. Is there a way to keep those typefaces? Is there a way to get those special typefaces added to the typeface list?

As it is now I try to copy and paste letter by letter and in that way type the new words, but there are some letters that aren't available...
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Mike McCracken

You may be able to use the paintbrush format.
Enter you text.  
Select text with the right typeface
Click the Paintbrush
Select the text you just typed in.

DO you have the fonts available?
Can you install the missing fonts?

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I dont think i have it but when you ask.... i will see if i can find it on another computer. Is it possible to export it from another crystal reports installation. I have a very old one where it might be.
I don't know what it takes to export a font.  I think you just need to copy the font files.

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