How to configure a Dell SAS 5/e to work with a JBOD?

I have a Dell PowerEdge 2950 with a SAS 5/e Adapter installed.  I have a VessRAID 1840s configured and the LUN is mapped to the initiator.  The problem I am having is getting the LUN somehow mapped to the OS.  Photo 4 shows the Adapter(s) disabled by user statement at the entering of the SAS Configuration Utility.  Photo 2 and 3 show that utility detects the JBOD but shows the status is disabled.  I also have a PERC 6/i that runs my other virtual disks including the MBR.  I've looked in disk management inside Windows Server 2008 and the array does not show up.

Thanks in advance.
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If I remember correctly "Adapter(s) disabled by user" just means the boot BIOS is disabled which should be fine as you're not booting from the HBA.
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
Well it looks like you have the SAS adapter disabled, what happens when you enable it?
ollybubaAuthor Commented:
How do I enable it?  Where it says disabled is grayed out do I can't change it there.
ollybubaAuthor Commented:
After a while the LUN appeared in disk management.
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