Buffalo - TS-HTGL DNS issues on Domain

hello all

just upgraded our domain from 2000 to 2008r2, everything went great except our resident Buffalo TS-HTGL has decided to not allow any domain users to access its data

i have rejoined the domain on the buffalo box, which it seemed happy about

but i cant access the data from \\buffalo but, i can access the data via \\

F/W is 1.35

it seems to me that since the dns server has changed, its lost its connection to the new server - i have "rejoining the domain a few times but with no change

any ideas??
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Since you can access it via the IP address but not the name it seems to be a DNS problem. Make sure that the proper DNS Servers are entered in your clients IP Configuration and that the DNS holds the correct entry for that device. Did you try "ping buffalo", can that be resolved at all? Try "IPconfig /all" to check which DNS servers you are using.
mudcow007Author Commented:
awesoem thanks
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