How to bridge two networks ???

Hi Experts,

I have two network and both of them has static IPs with two basic DSL routers which can forward inbound traffic.

Main Office = A
1. Internet Router with a static IP
2. Windows 2012 Active Directory
3. DNS and DHCP
4. 30 number of Windows 7/8 users
Branch Office = B
1. Internet Router with a static IP
2. 10 numbers Windows 7/8 users

I want to admin the branch offices windows clients by the main office active directory server. Basically I want to bridge the two networks. However the users belongs to these two network should use their respective DSL Internet gateways to brows the Internet.

Can you please advise me with the easiest approach for implementing this ? I'm looking at a simple open source software router/switch to do this.

Please let me know if you need any further clarifications about this.

Thanks a lot for your time !
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How do you wanna bridge them, i mean if you ask like this you probably can't just put a cable between the 2 networks, i guess they are in different locations?

If you wanna bridge them via internet then you should consider building a VPN. Many firewalls already come with options to set-up a simple VPN. If you go for cheap and dirty then something like OpenVPN might attract you:

If you have security concerns, then I would however rather consider getting a firewall with VPN functions.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Put a hardware VPN box at each end (Juniper Netscreen or Cisco RVxx) and set up a site-to-site VPN. Cisco RVxx are good, solid entry level VPN boxes that are not too expensive. I use both at clients and in my home office.
Daniel SheppardSenior Network Analyst - Core & PerimeterCommented:
I hate to go against a recommendation from another expert, but I would stay far, far away from Cisco RV boxes.  They are good for SOHO use, but once you have more then 1 location, you at least want to be on something a little more expansive (Cisco 800 series, but more then likely Cisco 1900 or 2900).  My own personal experience with the Cisco RV boxes is they are just like a D-Link, Linksys but with VPN.  No point to having them and you would be better served loading a custom firmware onto a Linksys box (Tomato, DD-WRT) if you were to go that route.

My personal recommendation, would be to deploy a 2900 series router at your main office, this gives you room to expand.  As well, you can also take advantage of Cisco Anyconnect for your users.  Further, I would deploy a 1900 series router at your branch.  The 1900 series may be slightly higher then you want, but in my experience it provides the best throughput for price.  If you move to a 800 series you are sacrificing throughput when you enable certain services (NAT Virtual Interface, Zone-Based Firewall).

That said, if money/budget is a problem, the second recommendation would be to invest in Sonicwall TZ series.  A TZ 205/215 at your main office with a TZ 105 at your branch.  Those come with and without wireless.

John and Kyodai are correct though in that you will require a VPN connection, unless you want to invest in a MPLS/VPLS($$$$$$) service for your branch to main office and have them on a routed private network.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I use Cisco boxes at clients and they stand up very well over the long haul. Juniper Netscreen are also excellent for this use.
Shakthi777Author Commented:
Thanks for everyone !
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