Change style using Condition in Repeater

Hi I'm using Repeater and have to change display property on condition.  For that, I tried

<span class="order_in_status" <%# Convert.ToInt32(Eval("OrderCreated"))%>  == 1 ? "style='display:block;'" : "style='display:none;'" ></span>

But it's not working.

Someone suggested me

<span class="order_in_status" <%# Convert.ToInt32(Eval("OrderCreated"))  == 1 ? "style='display:block;'" : "style='display:none;'" %>></span>

This also not works.  Can anyone gives me the perfect solution
Rajiv AaryaAsked:
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Can you use the "visible" property...or  change your code to use Iff?

Something like this

visible='<%# IIf(databinder.eval(container.dataitem, "OrderCreated") = 1, "false", "true")%>'>

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In one of my old projects, I have something like this

<td style='font-size: 8pt; <%# (Eval("Provider").ToString() == "true") ? "Font-Weight:Bold;" : "" %>'>

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Imran Javed ZiaConsultant Software Engineer - .NET ArchitectCommented:
Please try following:

<span class="order_in_status" style='display:<%# Convert.ToInt32(Eval("OrderCreated"))  == 1 ? "block;" : "none;" %>'></span>


<span class="order_in_status" style='display:<%# Convert.ToInt32(Eval("OrderCreated"))  == 1 ? "block !important;" : "none !important;" %>'></span>
Rajiv AaryaAuthor Commented:
Still getting an error in both the cases.
Compiler Error Message: BC30201: Expression expected.
I've attached the screen shot
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If you're using ASP.NET 2.0, I think the conditional operator is not supported in data binding expressions.
You can, however, create a method like
object iif(bool condition, object ifTrue, object ifFalse)
    return condition ? ifTrue : ifFalse;

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and call it from your data binding expression:
<%# iif(Convert.ToInt32(Eval("OrderCreated"))%>  == 1, "style='display:block;'", "style='display:none;'") %>

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Rajiv AaryaAuthor Commented:
No I'm not using 2.0
Rajiv AaryaAuthor Commented:
Dear Camillia,
I tried this
<span class="order_in_status" runat="server" visible='<%# IIf(databinder.eval(container.dataitem, "OrderCreated") = 0, "true", "false")%>'>>Hello</span>

It works but for that I've to make it server control
Is there any other solution.?
You get  the  value  of  order created field  from database or server If should be server side.
Rajiv AaryaAuthor Commented:
Okay.  Thank You!
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