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List files stored in Filestream database

We recently implemented Filestream in a MS SQL 2008 database to store transaction related documents for our accounting system (Deltek Vision). After a server crash and restoration of VHDs to different hardware the main database is out of sync with the Filestream database. This was caused because I did not have a simultaneous backup of the Filestream database. We were able to re-enter the missing files but somehow the filestream is now showing one more files than the main database.

How can I most simply list the names files stored in our Filestream database, so I can identify the extra file? Once identified, what is the easiest way to remove the file?

My knowledge of SQL is limited to following instructions and performing  tasks within SQL Management studio.

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Walter Ritzel
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Thanks Walter,

You pointed me in the right direction. I was able to get the lists I wanted with the following.

USE <Filestream Database Name>; select FileID from dbo.FW_Files
Which I am able to compare to
USE <Assosciated Database name>; select FileID from dbo.FW_Files