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Is it possible to have two different systems in Exchange? I would want one to be encrypted and the other to be normal smtp.  If so how would the client know which to send to?

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Satyendra SharmaMicrosoft UC Technical ArchitectCommented:
I sense a confusion, is the requirement for some uses to use a feature where they can encrypt certain emails when sending to others? The Exchange TLS doens't really have to do anything at user level its all between exchange server mail routing and other domains.

Look at this and see if this is something that you are trying to achieve

There are couple of external vendors who provide functionality for email encryption.
Proofpoint is what i am currently using
Satyendra SharmaMicrosoft UC Technical ArchitectCommented:
Ummm... Just the mailflow encryption?

And why would you even think about doing this?
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
There is no point to do this with a completely different Exchange environment. You can use Mutual TLS to accomplish this on the Send Connector. Take a look at the link below which will walk you through the process.

Configure Mutual Auth TLS

mfonyAuthor Commented:
I got users that want to have encrypted email. There would be no use to encrypt everything. So I'd like to have a choice if possible.
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