Policy Based Routing for Destination?

Our firewall is not up to snuff at our School District to handle the bandwidth we actually have and can occasionally push through.

I have an HP E8206zl Procurve switch for my core router.  We have multiple school sites that all have a direct fibre connection to that core switch.  Each school is on a separate vlan.  We have government testing coming up in a few weeks, and last year, we found out that our firewall was not up to the job of handling all of the traffic that was trying to go through.  We have 2G of bandwidth through our provider but the firewall starts choking at around 850Mb.

A new firewall is down the pipeline, but will not be here before testing this year.   We decided on trying something for this year, but I'm having trouble finding information on my specific needs.  We'd like to do a Policy Based Routing argument that directs any traffic headed to the IPs for the state testing goes through a second software firewall.  All other traffic would remain going through the original connection and firewall.  

Most everything I can find online about PBR talks about splitting traffic from two or more vlans.  In our case the traffic would all be coming from the same vlan(s) but we'd want to split it up based on its destination.  How would I go about making this happen?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Ryan McKayAsked:
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QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Routing based on destination is classic routing, not PBR. Just set up routes for those particular IPs and the other gateway.
Ryan McKayAuthor Commented:
an example of my making something much harder than it actually is.  D'oh.  Thanks.
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