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VMWare 5.0 - System Chassis interrupt alert

joaotelles asked

Im seeing this Alert in one of the host or the cluster (alert and warning - not sure if related) - see attached)

I tried to look in the logs for the host: hostd.log, vpxa.log and kernell log but I could not find anything relevant in there... (I have attached these as well)...

Can you take a look and see if you find anything relevnt in there (maybe Im checking the worngs logs...)

Is this some alert/warning to be concerned about and what could be the cause for that?

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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE Fellow)VMware and Virtualization Consultant
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Most of the time, I've seen this alert, it's a phantom alert, caused by

1. Incorrect version of ESXi, e.g. are you using the OEM ESXi version from HP, Dell, IBM etc

2. Outdated firmware on the server.

3. Server not on the Hardware Compatibility List

4. Out dated version of ESXi 5.0, update to the latest available, e.g. 5.0 U3 or later.
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Do you need TPM at all? Really?

Andy: he runs IBM image on IBM server (see syslog)

Sadly syslog is too short and does not rewind to TPM failure. I would suggest to DISABLE it for good. Also update with latest firmware pack from Fix Central (or call IBM/Apple callcenter to hear same)


Tks for the updates.

Just to be clear:

Updating the firmware and disable TPM will possibly clear these two alerts right? (on alert for the chassis and the TPM warning)

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System chassis 1 is just case #1, tpm fault is most likely cause.
You can have 2 system chassis with numa-link between, then it will point you to NUMA domain that has hardware fault.

firmware update will prevent some but not all false alerts. TPM is very useless for vmware.