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Add image to Zebra print label ZPL

SmashAndGrab asked
Not sure if there will be any support on here for what I am about to ask but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I need to add an image to a label that will be printed on a thermal printer.

The language is ZPL II.

I am unclear on how I get my LOGO.Jpg to display on the label.

Am hoping that someone with experience in this will be able to help.


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I have never worked with ZPL, but here's my 50 cents worth.

According to the ZPL II Programming Manual, the printer understands graphics in .PNG format. See page 134 for the description of the command to download graphics. You can also save the image in the printer's memory, and then use it on subsequent labels (see pg 182 and following).

The manual also details how ZPL commands are made up, but I have no idea how you create your labels. It may be possible that your system (database, etc) allows you to insert the logo at that end.

To convert JPG to PNG format (or just about any other format), my favourite tool is Irfanview. It's a wonderful tool for image manipulation.