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Asset management software

we are conducting an IT audit, and require a system for managing hardware and software assets.
Any recommendations would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.
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Architect - Network Engineer - Instructor
Can you provide more details such as are you scanning on a client device or from your own? Since you stated you were conducting an IT audit the assumption is made that you would be using your own device. Will you be using the guidelines from ISACA? Are you looking for a Freeware version or a version that you would have to purchase ?  If you're looking to purchase then take a look at Capterra's site on the various ones that are worth something. You can also look at free ones such as Open Audit. It's once of the better free ones out there. There are others that are more NMS such as Spice Works that will give you what you're wanting but you will have to install it on a machine.  However, there is an MSP version that should allow you do what is needed.

Let me know if you need more info.

Manage Engine's Desktop Central is good.
RafaelArchitect - Network Engineer - Instructor

Mange Engines Desktop Central is good but the free version is limited to only 25 license and 5 mobile devices.
Otherwise you would have to purchase the Enterprise version which is about $650.00.

From what I gather, the only requirement is for an audit so the day to day usage of  Manage Engines may not be needed.  However, there is a 30 day trail on the Enterprise version so if that will work for the need try it out. It would't hurt.
FlexNet Manager Platform is convenient and great for tracking maintenance fees and issues: http://www.flexerasoftware.com/enterprise/products/software-license-management/core-software-asset-management/

Here you can also see a demo of this software.
madunixEE MVE, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
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Try out RackTables....http://racktables.org/  I used it for documenting some environments;  
Also find out http://www.opennms.org/wiki/RANCID_RWS
"Total Network Inventory 3" is a great software for asset management.

Ref: http://www.total-network-inventory.com/

Try it out!