group policy auto updates not working after upgrade

we had a group policy that was allowing automatic windows updates being performed from a server running Microsoft SBS 2003.  We migrated the domain to a new server running Microsoft Server 2012 R2.  Once migrated the automatic updates are not working.  The users are getting the message to do windows updates but they are not happening automatically and if you try to check for updates manually if fails on all pc's.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
SBS 2003 included and wrapped up WSUS for centralized patch management. If WSUS was not migrated or if the 2003 group policies that pointed clients to the SBS server were not properly changed, this can happen.  You'll need to make a decision on how you will handle patch management and then proceed with a plan to execute your decision. Whether that is deploying WSUS, or going in and removing group policies and allowing end-users to update directly from windows update directly.
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