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OneDrive for Business - Selective Sync of Archives

Rusty Warning
Rusty Warning asked
Hello, all.  I've got a complicated share that I'm trying to accomplish with OneDrive for Business and am not sure how to go about accomplishing it.  (If this is a duplication, please redirect me; I have done a search for this topic, but have come up short on answers.)  Our company has an archive of approximately 6000 files with a size of approximately 800 GB that we currently have synced to a OneDrive for Business account.  I need to make this archive available to my 39 employees scattered across several field offices without their local workstations downloading the entire mass of files to their hard drives.  Also, each employee needs to maintain a working synced folder for files they create that will eventually go into this archive.  Each employee has the proper Microsoft Office365 license to allow them access to this archive, however, I am coming up short on ways to share this archive with them without their local OneDrive syncing program downloading the entire archive.

My thoughts are that a weblink to the archive would work sufficiently to provide a read-only copy of the archive files to the local employee, however, I cannot find the setting to provide this without causing the entire archive to sync to their local workstation.

In short, I want for each employee to have a OneDrive for Business account on their local workstation that has full file syncing capability for files they create, and additionally want to provide a read-only weblink to the company archive which is also on a separate OneDrive for Business account that does not download the entire archive to their local workstation.

Thoughts?  Solutions?  Many thanks in advance.
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Selective sync is not yet available for the ODfB client, it's all or nothing instead. Either use the browser or a mapped drive (and of course make sure no caching).