Demoting SBS server

We have an SBS server 2008. We are going onto a different network due to a company acquisition. We still need this SBS server as our software database runs on it. Would running dc promo and making it just a member server on the new domain have any adverse affects to it?

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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Yes. It will directly break several things and is also illegal.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
SBS MUST be the FSMO Master DC.  If its not, it will start shutting down every hour or two after a grace period.

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raffie613Author Commented:
So are you saying there is no way at all for me to accomplish keeping this server on the new network? I can't demote it and take off AD completely from it? I thought it shuts down if it is a DC without the FSMO roles.
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raffie613Author Commented:
why is it illegal and what would it break.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
It is illegal because Microsoft designed SBS for a specific purpose and priced it accordingly (aka steeply discounted from its component parts.) And for that price point, you agreed (someone agreed, and clocked agree during install) to play by those rules. What you propose is against the licensing agreement, hence, illegal.

Lee covered what breaks. It'll shut down. Often.
raffie613Author Commented:
So only move is to move the software over to a new server?

What about changing it's ip address to the new network but keeping it on its own domain and just having the workstations link to it by using a user name and password. will that work?
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Still likely illegal. Time to move the software.
raffie613Author Commented:
I would stick to what you know best and just stay with technical advice. Leave the legal advice to the website that has actual lawyers.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
I know the nuances of Microsoft's licensing quite well actually. So I *am* sticking to what I know. Thanks for playing.
raffie613Author Commented:
nuances of what country law? You have no idea how licensing and usage of the product has constraints by what governments laws, unless you have a law degree that is not listed in your credentials.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
I understand that you don't like my answer and wish you could abuse the EULA you agreed to with SBS. And when an answer is not liked, the asker here can become hostile. But it doesn't change the answer. If you want to try and set up the system as you proposed and feel comfortable that you can defend your breaking the EULA in court because of government constraint, by all means, do so. I'm sure there is a great case study to read about in about ten years when the case is finally resolved. But as it stands now, I won't change my advice because of a tantrum. Do as you will. My advice is given.
raffie613Author Commented:
I am not personally vested in your response one way or another.  I just want facts not your personal opinion on what is or isn't legal.

That is why your response is incorrect and I am awarding the points to the person who actually answered with facts.
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